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Recruit:HDD Service Engineer Malaysia Indonesia

Publication Date: 2018-10-22

Potential HDD Machine Service Engineer Recruit

As big and professional HDD machine manufacturer in China (Brand: ZLCONN), workshop more than 60,000sqm and sales network worldwide, HUNAN ZLCONN decides to build service teams in Malaysia and Indonesia and we are recruiting potential service engineers in Malaysia and Indonesia now. HUNAN ZLCONN will provide practical benefit and broad career development in trenchless industry for all the employees. HUNAN ZLCONN will provide HDD machine maintenance training for 1 week for free and flights tickets, accommodation free. Position and No’s:  Potential Service Engineers 3 in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and other cities where HDD machine market good) 3 in Indonesia (Jakarta and other cities where HDD machine market good) Main Responsibility:
  • After sales service in the area for ZLCONN HDD Machine;
  • Recommend ZLCONN machine to potential customers;
  • Maintain Brand reputation in local by giving customer good and thoughtful service.
  • Located in Malaysia or Indonesia
  • Education higher than high school;
  • Fluent English Speaker. Extra score if speak Chinese mandarin.
  • Familiar with HDD machine, experience in HDD machine industry.
  • Previous work experience as HDD Machine operator, HDD machine service people or Vehicle maintenance more preferred.
  • Loyal to brand. Good conduct. Age below 45
We offer:
  • Free HDD machine maintenance training in China factory for 7~10days, offer you a skill for a new skill and careers.
  • Free round international flights.
  • Salary as potential service people.
  • Profit for spare parts selling of the HDD machine you responsible.
  • Cash Reward for the customer recommendation in your local.
  • Opportunity to become area dealer in your area and set you your own business with help of HUNAN ZLCONN.
Contacts: Company website:  https://zlconnmachinery.com/ www.zlconnmachinery.com/products/hdd-machine/ Follow up in FB: www.facebook.com/HNZLCONN Contacts: Mr. Lu.  Email: collaslu@zlconn.com Whatsapp: 008618274950733


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