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ZLCONN HDD Machine Introduce

1. HDD Machine Indentification:

20t to140t ZLCONN good price HDD Machine you should have! Good service, parts storage,great quality,ZLCONN HDD widely use in horizontal directional drilling. HDD machine (horizontal directional drilling) is widely used in trenchless no dig working worldwide for electricity, internet,gasline,petro, city water and lot of project. It is the core equipment in these projects. The stable,powerful ,durable features will decide the speed,efficiency even the sucess of a project. Main parts on horizontal directional drilling machine will include :operating platform,Anchor device,Clamping device, Crawler-tread, Frame assembly, Engine,Diesel tank,Hydraulic system,Hood assembly,push-pull device, Bracket body, Power head assembly,Automatic change rod device,Mud pump assembly Electric system,

2. ZLCONN HDD price:

ZLCONN horizontal directional machine ranges from 20t, 26t,32t,36t,43t, 45t,60-120t.Just contact us to get the detailed price.

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3. ZLCONN HDD  Great Advantages:

If you are looking for directional drills,then you should not miss ZLCONN HDD  machine otherwise it will be a big loss for you. ZLCONN will ocuppy your heart with a lot of supreme quality hi-end advantages,and only to mentioned several as following.

1) Big HDD  factory and workshop:

We have 9 workshops of 60,000sqm to produce directional drills. We have big great factory. Other companies workshop only 1000~10000sqm. 

2) Self produced parts and full procedure quality control for ZLCONN  machine: 

Many  directional drills factories only have assembling workshop, other processes are outsoucing. My factory produce most of the parts all by ourselves, from raw steel sheet dealing – steel sheet cutting – bending – making holes – application – welding- rust removal –  electronicphoresis  surface treatment – heat treatment – assembling – testing, all by ourselves,much stable,better quality control. 

3) Better steel Material for  machine:

ZLCONN directional drilling machine more stable more power and durable: In china, only our Company use L610 steel for whole machine structure( bottom,shell,boom,..). All other horizontal directional drill rig company uses Q235. L610 steel is much stronger, much stable than Q235 steel. So our machine much more durable and stroner.

4) Better key components for HDD: 

for hydraulic pump, only ZLCONN use USA brand. Other company all use China brand. The China hydraulic pump is the main reason  for weak force and much force reduce when the machine come to hard soil.

5) Customer-built available.

Oversea service provided for directional drills.

6) Good HDD price.

We are willing to sacrifice our own profit to provide good price to customers.

4. ZLCONN Great HDD Workshop overview:

ZLCONN HDD Machine Steel Sheet Workshop

ZLCONN HDD Steel Sheet Workshop

ZLCONN HDD Machine Cutting Workshop

ZLCONN HDD  Cutting Workshop

ZLCONN HDD Machine Bending and welding Workshop

ZLCONN HDD Bending welding 

ZLCONN HDD Machine Assembling Workshop

ZLCONN HDD Assembling Workshop

ZLCONN HDD Machine to India

ZLCONN HDD  to India

ZLCONN HDD Machine Working in India

ZLCONN HDD  Working in India