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HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture – Lesson 1: HDD machine Chassis Structure and Engine

Publication Date: 2018-10-25


HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture Lesson 1 Chassis Structure and Engine

Date: 20181025

           No matter as HDD machine operator, tracker, labor, drilling engineer or other professionals, it’s helpful to learn more about HDD machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine) knowledge thus fulfill every project more efficiently and safely. However it’s noticed many HDD machine drilling professionals are in fact not familiar with HDD machine and HDD machine drilling practice. To help industry practitioners be equipped with more knowledge, HUNANZLCONN, as Professional HDD machine manufacturer (Horizontal Directional drilling machine) and Construction Company, decides to launch a free online lecture series lasting for 1 months, lessons covering HDD machine introduction, maintenance, drilling, soil condition introduction and how to drill in different condition etc. hoping to help all friends in this industry to have a full image of the machine and drilling practice.

         The lectures will be consisted by articles. We will update introduction articles by every two days from today. As first lessons, we will start with basic knowledge: Horizontal directional drilling machine Structures. If any mistake or comments on the lesson content, welcome to criticize.

Today is Lesson 1: HDD Machine Chassis Structure and Engine. 

 1. Chassis structure of HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine)

         The chassis of the HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine) refers to the component connected to the traveling mechanism. It transfers the weight of the body to the running mechanism and mitigates the impact transmitted by the ground to the body to ensure the smoothness and stability of the HDD Machine. It is the skeleton of a HDD Machine, used to install all the assemblies and components, so that the whole machine becomes a whole.

         The current chassis structure of the HDD Machine is generally hydraulically driven, rigidly connected frame. The chassis mainly consists of a frame and a walking device. The frame is a frame welded structure with mounting brackets for engines, oil-water radiators, fuel and hydraulic tanks, and controls. The walking device of the chassis mainly includes a driving wheel, a guiding wheel, a supporting roller, a carrier roller, a track assembly, a track tensioning device, a traveling reducer, a longitudinal beam and the like. The left and right side members of the traveling device are integrally welded and then connected to the intermediate monolithic frame with high-strength bolts to form an integral frame. The rear end of the frame of the chassis has two frog legs or two vertical legs, which can effectively reduce the weight of the leg and simplify the structure. When the HDD Machine works, the legs are supported to enhance the stability of the machine.

         The chassis travel reducer is generally equipped with an imported built-in planetary reducer (including the motor) or a two-point variable motor reducer. When walking, it can achieve fast and slow travel speed, large output torque and compact structure.

        The walking device of the chassis mainly comprises a crawler tensioning device, a rubber crawler assembly, a driving wheel, a guiding wheel, a supporting roller and a traveling reducer. The rubber track of the chassis is available in two construction options, either an integral rubber track or a combined rubber track. Compared with these two options, the former one has a simple structure, a small pitch, and a low frame height, but the latter one has high strength and can withstand a larger load capacity, and can be replaced after damage. The drive wheel, the guide wheel, the support wheel, and the crawler belt the tensioning device can be directly matched. The crawler tensioning device of the chassis is composed of a tensioning cylinder, a tension spring, a guide wheel, an oil cup and so on.

         The chassis of ZLCONN HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine) is made of one-piece steel, four horizontal and four vertical, and is welded on both sides. It is more stable than other brands in the same industry.

2. Engine of HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine)

        The engine system of a HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine) generally includes an engine, a radiator, an air filter, a muffler, a fuel tank, and the like. Generally, the horizontal directional drilling machine is designed with a foreign brand. The water radiators, air filters and other accessories generally made in China, and the fuel tank is assembled.

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Lesson2:  HDD Machine Power Head and Rod Loading System (on 27th Oct.)

Lesson3:  HDDM Machine Clamp, Anchor and Tracking System (on 29th Oct.)


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