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  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

ZL260A 28t, Cummins 132kw
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Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine | China ZLCONN ZL260A 28t

1. ZL260A Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Features and Advantages

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Hunan ZLCONN horizontal directional drilling machines are worldwide popular machines,like India, Malaysia, Saudi Arab.. The 28t ZL260A HDD Machine is the hot cake among all the models. HUNAN ZLCONN ZL260A 28t horizontal directional drilling machines are welcomed worldwide for the features and specs as following:

1) 132kw, Cummins Engine; 9 workshops of 60000sqm for HDD machine production

2) Double hardness steel material WL610. Making ZL260A horizontal directional drilling machine longer life .

3) horizontal directional drilling machines surface by electronicphoresis,10years no rust.. 

4) SAYI motor, Permco hydraulic pump,high slewing speed upto 136rpm high working speed.

ZL260A 28t Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Specs

Model Unit ZL260A
Engine power KW 132
Max. Pull / Push force KN 280
Max. Pull / Push speed m/min 35
Max.Torque N.M 8800
Max. Slewing speed r/min 136
Max. Flow of slurry pump L/min 250
Max.pressure of slurry pump Mpa 8
Max. drill pipe diameter mm Ф800
Max. Working distance m 400
Crawler speed Km/h 2.5-4.0
Drilling rod mm Ф73/Ф60×3000
Push-pull type   Rack & Pinion
Max. grade ability ° 25°
Drillling Angle ° 10-20°
Weight T 8.7
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 6300*2100*2560

2. Knowledge you don’t want to miss –  ZLCONN  Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Structure 01

ZLCONN Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine 26T

ZLCONN Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine 28t

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Chassis:

Integrally formed by whole big size rectangular thick steel (rather than welding),higher hardness than industry standard, suitable for big diameter and high-strength construction.
The coating uses car chassis electrophoretic coating technology, strong corrosion resistance.
Dual-speed motor as option, high speed for walking, low-speed for loading, stable and safe. Both wire control and wireless control as option.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Power Unit (Rotating) :
Big brands: USA EATION./SAYI
Power unit is designed with high flowing system with 10mm, avoiding wrong operating, protecting rods screw, providing longer life span.
Dual speed rotating suitable for various different projects and processes ,max rotating speed upto 130m/min

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Main Beam (Push/Pull) :
Integral forming by big thickness shape steel ( rather than thin wall steel pipe), the track is by 40mm thickness steel plate, capable for high strength construction.
Installed with USA Brand high-torque plunger motor, push-pull system pressure increased by 30%, faster and more agile, much better than cycloid motors and ordinary piston motors.
Three-stage push-pull function as option, maximum push-pull speed up to 34m/min

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Gripper:
The reamer and drill bit can be directly pulled into the retractor mechanism for loading and unloading; the equipment is equipped with roller seat, making sure the drill rod in the centre.
Each gripper sheet can be individually controlled to ensure centering is synchronized and holding is synchronized.
Clamp unit is designed with high flowing system with 10mm, avoiding wrong operating, protecting rods screw.