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  • ZL360A Horizontal Directional Drilling-165rpm Hi Speed

ZL360A Horizontal Directional Drilling-165rpm Hi Speed

38t, Cummins 154kw
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Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine | ZLCONN | Competing Vermeer ZL360A

1. Outstanding ZL360A Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

 ZLCONN ZL360A is the newly published  Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine to competE with Vermeer HDD Machine by better performance and lower price. Featuring high slewing speed 165rpm along with big force 38t, ZLCONN ZL360A completely surpasses all Chinese brands in quality and efficiency

Named by High Speed  Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine, this ZL360A 38t HDD machine is unique the high slewing speed 165rpm, 165rpm,165rpm that no Chinese machine can reach at same time keep the big force 38t. Many other brands only 110rpm or 120rpm. Think how much the drilling efficiency will be improved if you use our ZL360A machine, 20% ! 30% ! You will save much more time when doing the drilling work. That means you will use the same time doing long distance jobs and earning more money, why not choose ZLCONN Hi speed 360A Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine.

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2. Why ZLCONN Hi-speed  ZL360A 38T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine can compete Vermeer HDD Machine and win all Chinese brand HDD machine. Only to review these

1 . All Push/ Pull/ Slewing motors are ITALY SAYI high pressure, high speed Radial Piston Motor, no Eaton Motor, double price double performance than EATON Motor

2 . Hydraulic pump all high pressure Permco USA not China branD

3. Pilot control system to make the machine operating smoothly and accurately

4. horizontal directional drilling machines surface by electronicphoresis,10years no rust.. 

Only to mentioned a few for more contact us for discount price and details. To see is to believe! Contact us for photos and live video

3. ZL360A 38T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Specs

Model Unit ZL360A
Engine power KW 154
Max. Pull / Push force KN 380
Max. Pull / Push speed m/min 35
Max.Torque N.M 13600
Max. Slewing speed r/min 165
Max. Flow of slurry pump L/min 350
Max.pressure of slurry pump Mpa 8
Max. drill pipe diameter mm Ф1000
Max. Working distance m 600
Crawler speed Km/h 3
Drilling rod mm Ф73/Ф76×3000
Push-pull type   Rack & Pinion
Max. grade ability ° 25°
Drillling Angle ° 10-20°
Weight T 10.5
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 6570*2200*2560

4. Knowledge you don’t want to miss –  ZLCONN  Horizontal Directional Drilling  Structure 02

Horizontal Directional Drilling Slurry Pmp System:
Slurry pump is more wear-resistant with enamel housing and is used for life time. Power and hydraulic systems are fully designed to meet the needs of higher displacement mud pump replacement. Equipped with mud cleaning device equipped with mud anti-freeze devi

Horizontal Directional Drilling Power System:
USA Brand engine and main pump. Engine installed with low temperature run system.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Control System:
Pilot control system, response time is fast, only 1s. The integrated modular electrical system is more stable and easy to maintain.

horizontal directional drilling ZL360A 36T

horizontal directional drilling ZL360A 38T