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  • ZL450A 45T HDD Machine – 150rpm Hi Speed

ZL450A 45T HDD Machine – 150rpm Hi Speed

45t, Cummins 193kw
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HDD Machine | ZL450A 45T HDD Machine 

1.  HDD Machine Price List – 193kw big power

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We are glad to send our competitive price to you with outstanding machine performance. ZLCONN HDD Machine is your right choice.

1) 9 workshops of 60000sqm.

2) HDD Machine Shaft, rack and pinion ,beam.. self produce.

3) 50no.s per month.

4) HDD Machine,Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig surface by electronicphoresis,10years no rust..

5) Oversea service provided. 193kw big power.

2.  HDD Machine Price List  —  ZL450A 45T Specs

Model Unit ZL450A
Engine power KW 193
Max. Pull / Push force KN 450
Max. Pull / Push speed m/min 40
Max.Torque N.M 19000
Max. Slewing speed r/min 150
Max. Flow of slurry pump L/min 450
Max.pressure of slurry pump Mpa 10
Max. drill pipe diameter mm Ф1200
Max. Working distance m 800
Crawler speed Km/h 2.5-4.0
Drilling rod mm 83×3000
Push-pull type   Rack & Pinion
Max. grade ability ° 25°
Drillling Angle ° 10-20°
Weight T 11.8
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 7000*2235*2580

3. 45T  ZL450A  ZLCONN HDD Machine Price and Related Knowledges:

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Important Information about ZLCONN HDD Machine

  1. All models of ZLCONN HDD Machine are ok for customization beyond standard specification. We can adjust machine configurations to your project practice. For example, change the standard slurry pump to big pump if you require, change the engine to bigger model if your project needs or change motors to appointed models if you have preferred type or model. Flexible and customer-oriented we are.
  2. Thanks for Strict Quality Control Capability of ZLCONN HDD Mmachine. Benefited from our extraordinary machining equipment and metalwork capability, all the main steel structure of HDD are produced all by ourselves, like beam, rack, pinion, gear, shaft and so on, making us, making us possible to ensure strict quality of every parts of the machine and longer life and much more stability compared to many other companies.
  3. Full Extensions for ZLCONN HDD Machine with reasonable price list : Auto-pipe loading, semi-automatic pipe loading, auto anchor, air-conditioned cabin…all available.
  4. Oversea onsite service of course. Our HDD construction team can train or assist your team onsite to help you finish the job.