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  • ZL320B HDD Machine For Sale

ZL320B HDD Machine For Sale

35t, Cummins 154kw,350L
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HDD Machine for Sale | China ZLCONN in Malaysia in India  ZL320B 35T

1. ZLCONN HDD Machine for Sale in Malaysia in India  — Four Important Advantages 

Hunan ZLCONN HDD Machines are widely sold  in India. And Malaysia HDD Machine customers like ZLCONN machine very much. Hunnan ZLCONN is professional 20T,22T,28T,34T,36T,43T, 35T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine, HDD Machine manufacturer and outstanding in the industry for advantages:

1) 9 workshops of 60000sqm.

2) Shaft, rack and pinion ,beam.. self produce.

3) 50no.s per month.

4) HDD Machine,Horizontal Drilling Machine surface by electronicphoresis,10years no rust..

2. ZLCONN HDD Machine for Sale in Malaysia in India — Six Important Features 

Also the other six reason that why ZLCONN HDD Machine sales very good in India and worldwide are because

1)    No impact on ground buildings and traffic.

2)    Smaller in size and fewer demands on space.

3)     Easier operation, bigger force, smooths rotation and bigger torque.

4)    Rack and pinion system, more stable drilling ,wire and wireless controller

5)    Cummins diesel engine ,Eaton motor, longer life span and less maintenance

6)    Oversea after sales service provided.

3. ZLCONN HDD Machine for Sale in Malaysia in India — ZL320B 35T Specs

Engine: Cummins; Hydraulic Pump: Permco; Motor: SAYI ITALY and EATON;

Model Unit ZL320B
Engine power KW 154
Max. Pull / Push force KN 350
Max. Pull / Push speed m/min 35
Max.Torque N.M 13000
Max. Slewing speed r/min 136
Max. Flow of slurry pump L/min 350
Max.pressure of slurry pump Mpa 8
Max. drill pipe diameter mm Ф900
Max. Working distance m 500
Crawler speed Km/h 2.5-4.0
Drilling rod mm Ф73/Ф76×3000
Push-pull type   Rack & Pinion
Max. grade ability ° 25°
Drillling Angle ° 10-20°
Weight T 9.1
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 6570*2235*2560

4. ZLCONN HDD Machine for Sale in Malaysia in India -Maintenance Timetable

1. Maintenance Every 10 hours or every day:
Engine oil – check the oil level
Hydraulic oil – check the oil level
Cooling system – check coolant level
Fuel tank – drain water and sediment
Main Arm Slide Lubrication (MPGM) – Apply grease
Inspection – inspection the machine
Instrument and lamp – testing

2. Maintenance Every 50 hours or every week:
Fork Arm Rail Lubrication (MPGM) – Apply grease
Chain Lubrication (MPGM) – Apply grease
Engine and main pump hinge pin (MPGM) – smear two hinges

3Maintenance Every 100 hours or every 2 weeks:
Carry out the aforementioned inspection items first
Main arm internal sprocket lubrication (MPGM) – Fill grease (open the circular cover on the side of the main arm, move the power head, and see the grease nipple.)
Other exposed grease fittings (MPGM) on the machine – grease

4 Maintenance Every 250 hours or every month:
Carry out the aforementioned inspection items first
Engine oil and filter – replace oil and filter. If the sulfur content of the fuel exceeds 1.5%, apply a total base number of 30 oil and shorten the lubricant replacement cycle by half.
Engine Valve Clearance – Adjusted when a new or reconditioned engine is first replaced
Cooling system – adding coolant additive
Fan and generator belt – check / adjust
Fan bearing (MPGL) – lubrication

5. Maintenance Every 500 hours or every season:
Carry out the aforementioned inspection items first
Engine crankshaft ventilation valve – cleaning
Hydraulic system – filter and cover
Fuel System – Clean / Replace Filter
Fuel cap and fuel filter – cleaning

6. Maintenance Every 1000 hours or every half year:
Carry out the aforementioned inspection items first
Power head gearbox oil – replacement

7. Maintenance Every 2000 hours or every year:
Carry out the aforementioned inspection items first
Oil in hydraulic tank – oil change
Engine valve clearance – adjustment

8. Maintenance every 3,000 working hours or every two years
Carry out the aforementioned inspection items first
Cooling system coolant – more mixed coolant

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