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Shipment and Onsite

Sep., 2020 Ship to India – ZLCONN ZL360B 38T HDD Machine with parts

Publication Date: 2020-11-09

ZLCONN Shipped 1 unit ZL360B 38T HDD Machine together with rods, reamers, pilot, sub-saver etc to India


ZLCONN 38T HDD Machine features:  High rotation speed making drilling faster.

  1. Big piston motor from Italy Sai.
  2. 165 rpm  at high torque 136000
  3. Permco hydraucli pump, 38T pulling force. But actually pulling force higher than other brands 38t, 40T.
  4. Using WL610 steel for HDD machine structure.
  5. We use electropherosis technology in anti rust which is used in mobile viechle. After 5, 6 years HDD machine still new.

Shipments List: https://zlconnmachinery.com/shipment-and-onsite/hdd-case/




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