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ZL260A HDD Machine 150m 300mm Hard Red Soil

Publication Date: 2018-03-24

ZL260A HDD Machine 150m 300mm Hard Red Soil

On Jan 2018, Ningxiang City in Hunan, customer purchased our ZL260A HDD machine and was working in the newly contracted government gas pipeline project. Pipe is HDPE pipe of 30cm diameter, max drilling distance is 150m. Soil condition is not very easy. It’s the hard red soil, however our 26T ZL260A HDD machine finished it very easily.

What’s worthy to mention is that. Because customer is new in this field and don’t have the mature machine operators and tracker operator, the operators are hired from my company HUNAN ZLCONN. We provide not only the machine but also the construction team, which is the big advantage of my company, which makes my company know HDD better than other companies.

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