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Shipment and Onsite

ZLCONN ZL360B 38T Horizontal Directional Drilling 230m 300mm Soft Rock Hard Soil Conditions

Publication Date: 2020-11-17

On 12th Nov. 2020 India site, in hard soil conditions, ZLCONN ZL360B 38T Horizontal Directional Drilling Finishes 230m 300mm Steel Pipe Drilling

Thanks to the good ventilation and cooling system of ZLCONN HDD Machine. Even in soft rock conditions, ZLCONN HDD machine still keep high efficiency and stable performance helping customer finished the drilling on time.

Project Details

✅Project Name:godhavary gas pipeline project
✅Distance: 230m
✅300 Steel Pipe
✅Soft Rock
✅Time:Nov 2020 (taken 3 days)
✅Place: Rajamundry in India

Key Advantage of ZLCONN 360B 38T Horizontal Directional Drilling

1) Rate Power: Cummins 154kw;                          

2) High Rotation Speed up to 165rpm

3) Thrusting/Rotation Motor: all imported SAI G3 PISTON Motor

4) High rotation speed and power at the same time thanks to the Piston Motors

5) High rotation and thrusting speed at the same time, thanks to the Piston Motors

High Speed Great Efficiency HDD Machine ZLCONN ZL360B

ZL360B HDD Machine

ZL360B HDD Machine

ZL360B HDD Machine


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