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Macedonia KO – Highway Tunnel Formwork System

Publication Date: 2018-03-26

Macedonia KO – Highway Tunnel Formwork System

Macedonia KO project start from Kicewo, end in Ohrid,located in the south-west of capital Skopje,The start point is 111km away from Skopke.This is one tunnel in the Kicevo-Ohrid Road,which located from K18+300 to K20+300.It’s a two-way split tunnel.Unidirectional tunnels are respectively 2016m and 1955m.According to the tunnel design drawing and real construction on site,side and roof arch die highway tunnel lining formwork is used for concrte lining. After the beginning shoring,the widest part in the tunnel is the belt course(width 10.598m).After lining,bottom plate width 9.35m,height 6.7m,the tunnel section is on the horseshoe shape.Concrete lining thickness is respectively 50cm in the open cut tunnel at the entrance,30cm in the barrel.Double mesh reinforcement and grilling arching are used.


Technical Feature of this Tunnel Lining Formwork

  1. Non-portal structure adopted, bigger clearance for the tunnel lining formwork.
  2. Folding formwork support design adopted, and the jacking system stroke is augmented,which enormously increased the demoulding quantity.
  3. Vertical truss pieces are adopted for the formwork bracket, reserved space for the passing of dia.1.5m ventilate duck.
  4. Remolding base on the main tunnel lining formwork.Part of rod piece and formworks are replaced to fit the lining work on the emergency stop area.



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