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Concrete Dispenser Usage and Safety Precautions

Publication Date: 2018-03-26

Strict compliance with the rules of use, correct operation is to prevent accidents, to extend the service life of a pre-arrangement to check whether there is sufficient space on the scene, the work surface should be smooth, solid, not collapsed. If the work surface is not flat or steel plane, the use of wood mat flat mat, the four-party stand with a wire rope tension fixed, shall not have a tilt. In the vertical upright fabric, the shelf steel pipe is used to make the space frame of the stable concrete spreader, and the four oil ropes are used to tighten, the buckle pins of the lanyard screws are fastened, and the hooks can be prevented from being unfixed and the fabric construction can be performed. Use shelf steel pipe at the elbow of the stand to fix the elbow at the center of the square stand to prevent accidents caused by excessive impact force. Check whether the lubrication points are filled with sodium and calcium base grease.


A concrete pump with a few cloth machines


At present, a concrete pump is equipped with a distributing machine. The distributor is connected to the concrete transfer pump through a pump tube, and the pump tube can generally be used for 10,000 to 10 thousand. Whether it’s broken or matched with the same size pump tube, or change the distributor. Other users also browse the following knowledge Models of Concrete Spreaders Pump Pipes Specifications Concrete Spreaders How much Concrete Spreaders Operation Concrete Spreaders Use Safety Details

Check before use of a concrete spreader. Before using the concrete spreader, check whether the bolts of the spreader are all tightened. Check the screw fastening of the joint of the equipment and the pin body of the equipment. Check for looseness and cracks. Open welding phenomenon, whether the rotation of each rotating part is normal, and filling the important parts with lubricating oil, and carry out no-load test operation, and confirm the normal operation before use; In the flat venue, the erecting machine straightens to see if You can stand straight without a counterweight. If you cannot stand up straight, check whether the legs and frame of the distributing machine are bent or deformed. Check the retracting and limiting of the four legs of the sewing machine to ensure that the four legs can extend the maximum span. Locking, guaranteeing stability; .砼Dispatch machine must ensure the original factory, it is forbidden to increase the length of the feeder pole, modify the radius of the cloth, lengthen the use, and it is not allowed to illegally connect the pump pipe in front of the original equipped hose; Check the weight Whether the internal weight material has been placed in place. The safety regulations for the use of second-hand cloth dispensers. Operators operating the cloth presses need to undergo relevant technical training. They should be familiar with the operating principle of the picking machine and master the essentials of the work. Labor subcontractors should perform technical assessments on the operators. According to the location and position of the cast-in-place structure, the location of the distributor is determined. The distributor can basically cover the entire structure plane, minimize the number of moving the distributor, and can quickly and uniformly complete the concrete pouring task. Tower crane hopper with cloth or artificial cloth, it is strictly forbidden to lengthen the pump tube in front of the hose, and use the tower crane to hang the cloth operation. According to the determination of the distribution machine position, the lower part of the formwork support system needs to be reinforced, because the distribution machine in the fabric operation During the process, the impact of the concrete transfer pump’s impact will cause great vibration to the entire floor template, which may cause the overall formwork to become unstable. The template support system shall be encrypted with the setting of the pole and the scissor support. For details, refer to the distribution machine position template support reinforcement. Schematic diagram: When using a crane to lift the distribution machine, it should be The process is to lift the weight with a cable winder to reinforce the cloth feeder (no reinforcement measures are taken, no person is required, and the belt must be fastened and transported to the designated position; the wind rope reinforcement is used to lift the weight; Strengthen four support legs and tighten the cable wind rope;

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