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Technical Material for Customer

Key points of MTZL690 Leaf crusher

Publication Date: 2018-03-26

  1. Green emissions

※Imported brand engine is used to meet the national mandatory standard “GB26133-2010 Exhaust Pollutant Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Non-road Mobile Machinery Small-sized Ignition Engines”and the other twelve national and departmental standards, while meeting the US regulations 40CFR Part90 related technical content requirements for “non-road ignition engine emission control”;

※The power output is 16.6kW, and the fuel consumption is reduced by about 10% compared with the same domestic engine.

  1. Environmentally friendly

※For areas where the use area is mostly urban roads, and there are many surrounding enterprises and residential areas, structural noise reduction, noise reduction, and vibration reduction are performed on the equipment movement points and noise sources; Measures such as compact silencers reduce the noise level by 1.5dB compared to similar foreign products;

※For the use of densely populated areas in urban centers, there is an option for adding dust suppression devices to the equipment.

  1. Intelligent control

※The equipment is controlled and operated by the controller. The main parameters are controlled by the company’s own developed special program. According to different working conditions, the corresponding logic control mode can be selected to improve the flexibility and economy of the equipment.

※The main control devices are all well-known foreign and joint venture brands, which are highly reliable and easy to maintain;

※The company has built its own network monitoring platform. Users can choose remote monitoring system. Using platform big data collection and analysis, real-time monitoring of equipment operation status and operation master data, and advance warning or maintenance reminder according to operation data analysis. Realize quick response after-sales service.

  1. Precision manufacturing

※Welded sheet metal parts are laser-cut and have high forming accuracy and good appearance after welding.

※The stainless steel shot blasting pretreatment is applied to the inner walls of the fuel tank and hydraulic tank steel plate, followed by high temperature pickling phosphating.

Treatment, high overall cleanliness and anti-rust effect;

※After the machining and assembly of rotary parts are completed, they are calibrated according to high precision to ensure smooth operation of high-speed rotation.

※The cutting insert adopts imported alloy steel, which is durable;

※The structural parts and hood shells are electrophoretically treated. The paint film has strong adhesion, durable wear resistance, rust resistance, and resistance.

Corrosion and overall aesthetics are greatly enhanced.

  1. Beautiful appearance and compact structure

※The overall size is 1946×2012×1708, and the weight is about 1 ton (including full load of fuel and hydraulic oil);

※The standard is a semi-trailer chassis with a torsion suspension axle that can be used on both urban and rural roads.

Requirements to facilitate loading and unloading of all types of trucks or agricultural vehicles;

※The optional vehicle (dust suppression) type can be selected as required.

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