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HDD Machine common cases and solutions 01

Publication Date: 2020-11-26

When working with HDD machine, we often encounter some problems, so how to deal with these problems? ZLCONN experts will answer for you:

1. If it collides with an underground pipeline, it gets stuck, withdraw the drill bit, drag back the drill pipe, move the drill, and redo the pilot hole.

2. Blocking of bricks and stones in miscellaneous fill: loosen the torque, turn the drill bit, and slowly expand the hole; block of large rocks and concrete blocks in miscellaneous fill: try to withdraw the drill bit and move the drill again. Or dig out rocks and continue to ream. Don’t do it recklessly, otherwise you will twist the drill pipe and lose the drill tool in the hole.

3. Large-diameter drill bit reams and encounters a hard clay layer, causing frequent sticking, slowing down the reaming speed, increasing the mud volume, and sometimes dragging a drill pipe back, which takes 40 minutes.

4. When the drill bit meets the root of the tree, it gets stuck, loosen the torque, slowly expand back, and then feed through the root of the tree to re-expand again to crush the root to prevent obstacles in laying the pipe.


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