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HDD Machine common cases and solutions 03

Publication Date: 2020-12-03

When HDD machine is in operation, the borehole expands, and the clay layer and the bottom layer of Sigda swell in contact with water

in this type of formation, pipes are drilled and the soil layer in the hole expands. The tube is easy to flatten. Use high-quality solid-free wall protection to reduce mud loss and reduce the contact between hole walls and water. Enlarging the first-level reaming and cleaning the holes twice can effectively prevent the formation from expanding and squeeze the pipe laying.

Mud leakage during HDD machine operation

In the loose backfill layer, the groundwater level is low, sandy silt layer, silt layer, sand layer, soft soil layer at the bottom of the river bed, and sand layer reaming. The mud does not return from the orifice, but leaks from the hole, increasing the mud concentration and viscosity, forming a mud skin on the hole wall to prevent leakage, effectively preventing mud leakage. When crossing the river, if the mud is leaking but can’t stop the leakage, just let it go.


ZL360B HDD Machine


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