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HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture – Lesson 4 Key Points of HDD Machine Drilling Construction

Publication Date: 2018-10-31

Lesson 4 Key Points HDD Machine Drilling Construction

Date: 20181031

In last lessons, we have finished the discussion about structure of HDD Machine. From this lesson, we will move to new chapters of HDD machine drilling construction. Today is the first lessons of this chapter.

Lesson 4: Key Points of HDD Machine Drilling Construction

For many new comers of HDD Machine construction industry, they are limited in knowledge and experience. They are not well understood the construction characteristics of HDD Machine. As a result, the owners, and even the designing institute have always had many misunderstandings on the HDD Machine construction. On the other hand, since most equipment manufacturers only know the equipment but do not understand the actual construction, it is impossible for them to consider the problems that may be encountered in the HDD Machine construction when the Machine is produced. As a result, the HDD Machine is not suitable for the working site and it causes lots of problems.

HUNAN ZLCONN MACHINERY Co.,LTD as a professional HDD Machine manufacturer, at the same time owns a strong construction team and has engaged in drilling construction in various geological conditions, including powdered clay, sea silt, plastic clay, silt, strong weathered mudstone, gravel layer, strong weathered sandstone, weathered ash, rock, medium-weathered sandstone and karst strata. Together with advance production capability and strong construction experience, HUNAN ZLCONN can produce HDD Machine right to solve many practical problems of users and improve construction efficiency to a greater extent. In addition, relying on our extensive construction experience, we summarized some points that need to be paid attention to during the HDD Machine construction. It is for the new pedestrians to learn for your reference. These key points of HDD Machine drilling are as follows:

1. Geological Survey of HDD Machine Project

Before the construction project is established, the technical personnel should fully understand the geological stratum. The main ways include geological drilling and surveying, visiting nearby residents to understand, surveying the topography and geomorphology, and analyzing the stratum structure. Failure to fully understand the geological features will make a false prediction of the construction budget and construction cycle..

2. Technical plan and preparation of HDD Machine Project

  After understanding the geological conditions, the technical plans should be made accordingly. For example, the following preparations should be made: facility preparation for equipment entry, road repair, water source determination, mud discharge scheme, safety management requirements and personnel arrangement, garbage disposal method, slurry emergency treatment, equipment maintenance personnel arrangement and accessories preparation, selection of drilling tools, the calculation of the mud usage, the determination of the reaming level, the preparation of the clearing or trial pipe pulling, the preparation of the welded pipe and the pipe pulling, etc.

3. Real-time Analysis of HDD Machine Project

  The construction of the geological conditions must be analyzed in real time. Especially in the guiding process, it is possible that the real geology and survey are different. At this time, our tracker and Machine operators need to carefully analyze the underground conditions, and obtain the real geological conditions, which provide a real basic data for mud proportioning and reaming, cleaning and dragging. It also provide basic data for alteration of construction plan.

4. Reaming and tracking data recording of HDD Machine Project

Reaming and tracking data are related to the establishment of construction materials in the future. If the construction data is not recorded in time but only by memory, it will lead to data deviations and even risks. The guiding record shall include the drill pipe serial number, depth, angle, drilling distance and drilling hour, construction date, name of the tracker, construction site and project name. The reaming record should include the date of reaming, the name of the project, the construction site,  the torque at the time of reaming, the reaming time of a single drill pipe, and the rotational speed of the diesel engine etc.

5. Slurry of HDD Machine Project

 The slurry is just like the blood in the construction of horizontal directional drilling. But many people don’t use slurry or use the slurry below the standard or use the water directly in order to save the engineering cost, which will bring great hidden dangers to the construction. On the other hand, excessive use of slurry could also cause slurry at drilling point to flow into the road,causing traffic block.

6. Pipe Protection Measures of HDD Machine Project

We should adopt the necessary pipe protection measures according to the geological conditions: if the steel pipe is pulled for the rock layer or the pebble layer, it is recommended to add a layer of FRP Pipe for protection. In pebble layer, the pull pipe head must be made of steel pipe, and the smooth tip shape should set at the front end. The distance between the swivel and the pull tube head as well as the reaming head should be as small as possible. It is the better to combine the above three. For strata with large changes, especially when the steel pipe is dragged, it is better to carry out the test tow to ensure the smoothness and curvature of the hole.

7. Safety precautions of HDD Machine Project

 Safety precautions should be throughout the construction process. Safety includes personnel safety and equipment safety. Scientific construction and standard construction are required, which includes the road safety, warning signs, hoisting equipment or pipeline safety, daily maintenance of mechanical equipment, etc.

8. Real-time construction method of HDD Machine Project

 During the construction of HDD Machine drilling, there are certain unpredictable risks and relatively controllable risks. Therefore, it requires construction personnel to analyze the construction and related matters in real time rather than make the construction in the same way, but change the method subject to real construction condition. We should be good at summing up the project and accumulating construction experience, by which we can complete the different projects well.

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To be continued:

Lesson 5:  HDD Machine Drilling Guidance Record Form   (on 2nd Nov)



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