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HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture – Lesson 2 HDD Machine Power Head and Rod Loading System

Publication Date: 2018-10-27

HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture Lesson 2 HDD Machine Power Head and Rod Loading System

Date: 20181027

         We talked about HDD machine Chassis Structure and Engine on 25th Oct. Now, we continue with the study and go for new lesson- Lesson 2 HDD Machine Power Head and Rod Loading System, to know more about structures of HDD machine. HDD machine structure will be introduced in 3 lessons in total. After this lesson we will go to lesson 3 HDDM Machine Gripper, Anchor and Tracking System on 29th Oct. Then we finish structure introduction and go for study of HDD Machine Drilling Construction to analyze how we can do the drilling work efficiently and successfully.

         Whole HUNANZLCONN free HDD machine Lecture will last for 1 month, covering all aspects of HDD machine, hope we can help some friends in this industry. So now we start today’s content.

Lesson 2: HDD Machine Power Head and Rod Loading System.

1. Power Head of HDD Machine (Horizontal directional drilling machine)

         In HDD Machine power head system, there are high-speed motors driving reducer, reducer driving power head and the output shaft of the reduction box to drive drilling rod to rotate. And the output shaft is hollow. The power head has the following functions: driving the drill bit to rotate; bearing the reaction force generated during the drilling and pulling, the passage of the mud into the drill pipe.

         The power head structure of HDD MACHINE of various manufacturers is basically the same, the difference is:

         The selection of the reducer is different. The HDD Machines of the same tonnage may not be able to select the same reducer, so the reduction ratio and performance parameters of each manufacturer are different. The reduction ratio of the power head is different: the reduction ratio of the power head will also change due to the change of the gear ratio of the reducer.

         At present, the transmission mode of the power head mainly includes chain transmission and gear transmission; the advantage of the chain transmission is that the structure is simple and the manufacturing is easy, and the disadvantage is that the transmission balance is poor, the service life is short, and the output torque is small. The advantages of gear transmission are balanced transmission, long service life and large output torque. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing capability requirements are high

         In addition, the power head pushing and pulling system is the actuator for pulling back and pushing. Generally, it works as a pair of low speed, high torque motors drive a pair of reducers, and the reducer drives the sprocket chain mechanism, and the sprocket chain mechanism provides the power head. Power head push-pull system is different from manufacturers. Take traditional sprocket mechanism of DITCH WITCH for example, it features the advantages of fast working speed, stable operation, compact structure and moderate cost. , disadvantage is that the sprocket chain is stressed. However CASE company’s traditional sprocket chain doubling mechanism features the advantage that the chain is half of the push and pull, the work is stable and the disadvantage that the work speed is slow, the structure size is large, and the cost is high.

2. Loading System of HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine)

         The HDD MACHINE loading system consists drilling rod box, a drill rod landing, a shuttle arm that can be extended and retracted, and an automatic selection device for the number of drilling rods column. The structure of various manufacturers in China and abroad is not the same, mainly in the access and delivery of the drilling rod.

         Some factories use manual access drilling rods. The manual loading and unloading of the drilling rod is not only inefficient but also increases the labor intensity of the operator.

         Some factories use four-bar linkage to access the drilling rod, but they generally use the retractive force of the spring as the clamping force, but often the accident of the drilling rod falling off happens, the work is unreliable, not only affects the work efficiency, but also may cause major accidents such as collapse and buried drilling of the finished hole.

         Some factories adopt a rotating structure to deliver the drilling rod, which can conveniently load and unload the drilling rod, reduce the labor intensity of the operator and improve work efficiency. The mechanism uses a flexible feed device with high coordination.

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To be continued:

Lesson3:  HDDM Machine Gripper, Anchor and Tracking System (on 29th Oct.)

Lesson4:  Key Points of HDD Machine Drilling Construction    (on 31st Oct.)


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