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horizontal directional drilling machine structure 01-chassis structure

Publication Date: 2020-06-23

horizontal directional drilling machine structure 01-chassis structure

Date: 20200623

The chassis of the horizontal directional drilling rig refers to the part connected to the body and the walking mechanism. It transmits the weight of the body to the walking mechanism and eases the impact of the ground to the body to ensure the smoothness of the horizontal rig and the stability of the work. The chassis It is the skeleton of the horizontal directional drilling machine, used to install all assemblies and components, so that the whole machine becomes a whole. The current structure of the horizontal directional drilling rig chassis is generally hydraulically driven and rigidly connected. The chassis mainly includes a frame and a walking device. The frame is a frame welded structure with an engine, oil-water radiator, fuel and hydraulic tank, and control device. The mounting bracket of the chassis; the walking device of the chassis mainly includes the driving wheel, the guide wheel, the supporting wheel, the supporting chain wheel, the track assembly, the track tensioning device and the walking reducer, the longitudinal beam, etc., the left and right longitudinal beams of the walking device After being welded integrally, they are connected to the middle integral frame with high-strength bolts to form an integral frame. The rear of the chassis frame can have two frog legs or two vertical legs, which can effectively reduce the weight of the legs and simplify the structure. The legs are raised when the horizontal directional drilling machine is working, which enhances the stability of the vehicle.


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