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horizontal directional drilling machine structure 02-Drill pipe loading and unloading structure

Publication Date: 2020-06-24

horizontal directional drilling machine structure 02-Drill pipe loading and unloading structure

Date: 20200624

The current horizontal directional drilling rig drill rod loading and unloading mechanism: the mechanism is generally composed of a drill rod, a drill rod box, a drill rod lifting, a shuttle arm that can be extended and retracted, and an automatic selection device for the number of drill rod rows. The structures of domestic and foreign manufacturers are different, mainly differing in the access and transportation of drill rods, some of which use manual access to drill rods, and manual loading and unloading of drill rods not only has low efficiency but also increases the labor intensity of operators; Some use a four-bar linkage to access the drill rod, but they generally use the retractive force of the spring as the clamping force. Accidents such as the fall of the drill rod often occur. The work is unreliable, which not only affects the efficiency of the operation, but may also cause drilled holes. Major accidents such as collapse and buried drilling; some use a rotating structure to transport the drill rod. This mechanism can easily load and unload the drill rod, reducing the labor intensity of the operator and improving work efficiency. The mechanism uses a flexible feed device, which has high coordination. It is necessary to carry out logical control of the lifting and lowering of the drill rod, the expansion and contraction of the shuttle arm, the position of the power head, and the detection of the completion of loading and unloading to achieve automatic switching between multiple actions. The control system adopts advanced PLC control; in short, the above-mentioned action process and The logic control is basically similar.


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