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Horizontal directional drilling machine structure 03-Power head structure

Publication Date: 2020-06-28

Horizontal directional drilling machine structure 03-Power head structure

Date: 20200628

The structure of the power head of the horizontal directional drilling is generally driven by a high-speed motor, the power head is driven by the speed reducer, and the drill shaft is driven by the output shaft of the reduction box, and the output shaft is hollow. The power head has the following functions: driving the drill bit to rotate; withstanding the reaction force generated during drilling and towing; mud entering the channel of the drill rod. At present, the structure of the power head of the domestic horizontal directional drill is basically the same, the difference is that: the selection of the reducer is different: the horizontal directional drill of the same tonnage cannot select the exact same reducer, so the reduction ratio and performance parameters of various manufacturers have Changed. The reduction ratio of the power head is different: due to the change of the reduction gear ratio, the reduction ratio of the power head also changes. At present, the transmission methods of the power head mainly include a chain transmission and a gear transmission; the advantages of the chain transmission are simple structure and easy manufacturing, and the disadvantages are poor transmission balance, short life, and low output torque. Gear transmission; the advantages of gear transmission are transmission balance, long service life, and large output torque; the disadvantage is that the manufacturing requires high precision. In addition, the power head push-pull device is an actuator that pulls back or feeds the power head. Generally, a pair of low-speed high-torque motors drive a pair of reducers, and the reducer drives the sprocket chain mechanism. The sprocket chain mechanism provides the power head Feed force or pull back force.


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