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Horizontal directional drilling machine structure 04-Vise and anchor structure

Publication Date: 2020-06-29

Horizontal directional drilling machine structure 04-Vise and anchor structure

Date: 20200629

The vise for horizontal directional drilling is located at the front of the rig and consists of front and rear vise. Both the front and rear vise can hold the drill rod by the hydraulic cylinder pushing the slips radially, and the rear vise can rotate relative to the front vise under the action of the hydraulic cylinder.

The function of the anchoring device of horizontal directional drilling is to stabilize and anchor the whole machine during operation, and to improve the stability of the whole machine. This part is located at the front end of the whole machine. At present, the manufacturers generally use the auger drilling mechanism; the low-speed high-torque motor drives the auger rod, and the hydraulic cylinders are used to push or pull to drill or drill out. The specific structure of each manufacturer is slightly different. In addition, the horizontal directional drilling rig anchoring device is designed to match the overall shape of the machine. Generally, two schemes are adopted: the ground anchor valve is placed on the anchor device, the structure is convenient to arrange, and the piping is easy; the latter ground anchor valve is placed separately if placed on the hood Waiting inside, but changed the shape and appearance of the host.


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