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HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture – Lesson 8 Reduce HDD Machine project Cost: What you should know!

Publication Date: 2020-04-29

Reduce HDD Machine project Cost: What you should know!

Date: 20200429

Why is reducing horizontal directional drilling (HDD Machine  )project cost is important

HDD machine  (horizontal directional drilling) market is become very competitive and congested over the previous years. As well as there are lots of complicated projects are also rising in the market and project cost are decreasing day by day due to the competition. Each and every horizontal directional drilling (HDD Machine)  contractor want to grab the project no matter how low price they are quoting the particular projects.

In this situation it’s very important to minimizing or reducing the production cost. Otherwise you can be thrown out of the market or make loss on projects. There are so many ways to minimize production cost but as a HDD machine manufactures we will only discuss about the HDD (horizontal directional drilling)   machine related details for minimizing or reducing project costs.

The methods to reducing horizontal directional drilling (HDD Machine) project cost

In a HDD  machine (horizontal directional drilling) project, the key for optimizing production and reducing the production costs are as below.

1. Horizontal directional drilling  machine (HDD Machine) selection.

We had a detailed discussion about this topic in our previous article. Although Choosing a Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machine is always depends upon the project to do with the drilling machine or rig. The HDD projects could be various soil conditions. Locality could be different. Needs could be different too. Due to all this, the Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines size and preferences change every time for different projects. Wrong selection of machine should cost a lot for less productivity.

2. Selection of   HDD Machine staff and supporting team

Hiring a proper team of staff is the much important part of reducing production cost. As well as a well-trained team is always does more production which is directly impact on the minimize production cost.

Sometime it’s hard to find well-trained staff team, in that situation investing on the staff training is the investment on cost cutting for the future. Before investing on the staff training be sure that, they will last long with you otherwise its waste of money.

ZLCONN HDD Machine Team onsite 260A Shipment 04

                             ZLCONN HDD Machineonsite ZL260A 

3. Maintaining HDD machine. 

For a HDD machine project, the main investment is on the HDD machine only. That’s why Equipment maintenance is the most important part for minimizing project cost. As good as we can maintain the machine that much we can earn from the project.  We must take care of this below points to maintain the HDD machine,

  •  HDD Machine Routine check-up

During the running projects, your HDD machine will run continuously. Routine check-up of the HDD machine will reduces maximum chances of breakdown. You should set a team of worker who can checks over the machine before and after use at regular intervals. By this practice the chances of breakdown and accidents, as well as it will also help you to find out problems or troubleshooting.

 Another advantage of regular checkup is that resale value of the HDD machine does not drop considerably.

  • HDD Machine Regular servicing and lubrication.

Regular and time to time servicing of oil and filters and doing lubrication are most important to prevent the machine from breakdown. Lubrication prevents the machine from wear and tear and corrosion of mechanical parts. Keeping the HDD machine lubricated with a high quality lubricant can help reduce wear and tear maximum.

  • HDD Machine Train employees well on how to handle the HDD machine

The people who operate your HDD machine can make all the difference between the equipment lasting long, or breaking down before its recommended lifespan. If you train or hire properly trained equipment handlers, then you are guaranteed of a slower wear and tear, since they know what to do for the equipment to operate for longer. For better efficiency, hire individuals who have some certification in equipment handling. This way, you are guaranteed that they will take good care of your equipment for fear of losing their certification.

  • Using original HDD Machine parts and company engineer for repair machine

It’s important to hire a company train engineer or mechanic to repair the machine breakdown as they know the machine better than you. Using original parts are also important for long lasting and less breakdown.For example: the key part : Piston Motor, Engine and Hydraulic pump.


HDD Machine EATON Motor (1)

HDD Machine EATON Motor 

HDD Machine Cummins Engine Sets (2)

HDD Machine Cummins Engine Sets 

HDD machine big Italy Sai Piston Motor (1)

HDD machine big Italy  Piston Motor 










  •    Store the HDD machine properly when it’s not in use

How you store your HDD machine is a critical aspect of maintenance. To ensure that your HDD equipment lasts longer and stays in good working condition, store it in a dry area when it’s not in use. This way, you reduce the effects that of dump weather such as rusting of some of the equipment’s parts. It may also be prudent to invest in some covers to protect it from the weather elements when it’s not in use.

ZL320A HDD Machine 02

                                                 Buy  ZLCONN ZL320A HDD Machine 


Hope those points can help you for your next HDD Machine project to make more production and saving cost. I believe your business will greater and greater in a near future. All best  wish to my  readers and fans of HDD Machine. If you would like to know price of a good HDD Machine in China you can click following links to get prices and specs.


To be continued:
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