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Technical Material for Customer

HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture – Lesson 9 How to take care of a HDD machine?

Publication Date: 2020-04-29

How to take care of a HDD machine?

Date: 20200429

HDD machines are the main part of a HDD project, as well as it is the main investment. It’s very essential to maintain the machine properly. Regular maintenance of HDD machines are an important factor in cost control. HDD machines maintains is an effective way of getting the most out of your investment. Excellent maintenance helps minimize repair and maintenance costs, as well as going miles in maximizing both profit and production, but has the greatest impact on profits. Simply put, proper maintenance of a HDD machine can reduce your operating costs significantly, both indirectly and directly. In terms of direct operating costs, it’s related to costly unscheduled repairs and machine downtime

Other benefits you stand to gain from maintaining your construction equipment include:

  • Maintenance adds resale value.
  • Maintenance minimizes downtime.
  • Maintenance lengthens equipment life.
  • Maintenance helps control service intervals and costs.

The plan for maintenance a HDD machine should divide in two categories

  1. Daily routine maintenance
  2. Schedule maintenance.

1. Daily routine maintenance of HDD machine

Daily inspections are a major step towards proper maintenance of your HDD machine. Secondly, you must always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Remember that nobody knows the equipment better than the manufacturer. So it’s important to adhere to the manufacturer’s manual. On a HDD the main check list for daily routine maintenance are,

  1. Engine oil level check
  2. Hydraulic oil level check
  3. Coolant level check.
  4. Fuel tank and filter check.
  5. Greasing each grease points.
  6. Checking and cleaning of the machine.
  7. Check all the operational functions.









All these actions are must have to be done on daily basis before starting the machine on the jobsite. These processes can prevent accidental breakdown as well as it can improve machine life. Doing this ensures the equipment operates at optimum conditions at all times. Furthermore, you should never get tired of performing daily inspections. It goes miles in making sure that you’re able to avoid issues later. Additionally, it extends the life cycle of HDD machine. Of great to note is that you need to conduct the daily inspections in an organized manner. For example, visual inspections usually determine operator techniques. On the other hand, you can conduct a deeper or more thorough inspection depending on operator suggestions.


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2.Schedule maintenance of HHD machine.

Schedule maintenance is very much important to prevent the machine from broking due wear and tear of internal parts. Different manufacturer have their different schedule maintenance process. Although some common process are,

  1. 50 hours service
  2. 250 hours service
  3. 500 hours service
  4. 1000 hours service

In every 50 hours running on a HDD machine normally all the greasing points should be check and apply grease if needed, fuel filter’s water separator should be check and clean.

In every 250 hours running on a HDD machine engine oil and oil filter should be change, fuel filter should be change, coolant should be check and refill if needed. Battery condition should be check, hydraulic breather should be check.

In every 500 hours running on a HDD machine apart from 250 hours services hydraulic oil filter should be change. Gear oil of the rotation, thrust (if have), mud motor’s (if have), mud pumps and truck should be change. Air filters also need to be change.

In every 1000 hours of running on a HDD machine apart from 500 hours service hydraulic oil and coolant should be change.

Have Your Own Application Related Maintenance Guide/Rules

Adding your personal application-related maintenance items is another important step to take. For instance, some harsh environments need air filters to be changed frequently. Also, undercarriages exposed to abrasive or corrosive soils require extra attention to detail. These are just some of the items that no manufacturer will ever know when it comes to individual job characteristics.

Every machine has its own longevity. After proper maintenance also there should be breakdowns. It’s better to have the company trained engineer or mechanic to repair and troubleshoot the machine if any breakdown happens as they have more knowledge about that particular machine. Tampering the machine without proper knowledge is very dangerous for the machine as well as it could be the reason for accident.

Always use original parts if any need to replace. Duplicate parts cannot run as long as the original parts and also duplicate parts can damage other parts too and became the reason for more and more breakdowns.


Hope those points can help you for your next HDD Machine project to make more production and saving cost. I believe your business will greater and greater in a near future. All best  wish to my  readers and fans of HDD Machine. If you would like to know price of a good HDD Machine in China you can click following links to get prices and specs.


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