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Introduction of horizontal directional drilling machine construction 03-Necessity of Trenchless Construction

Publication Date: 2020-07-03

Introduction of horizontal directional drilling machine construction 03-Necessity of Trenchless Construction

Date: 20200703

It is no longer possible to dig and lay pipelines after the completion of urban bridges, buildings, and tunnels without excavation in areas that do not have excavation conditions. Although some have the conditions for surface excavation, non-excavation becomes the method because the pipeline is buried too deep and the groundwater level is high. The application field of horizontal directional/steering drilling technology is environmental governance engineering. Pollutants such as some large garbage disposal sites, industrial waste yards, aircraft fuel depots, underground fuel storage depots, oil refineries, gas stations, etc. at airports and air bases penetrate into the ground under the influence of rain, polluting groundwater and soil. Use horizontal directional/guided drilling technology to drill horizontal wells in contaminated areas, and lay filters in them to pump out contaminated groundwater and prevent the further spread of contaminants. In addition, the following treatment methods can also be used: gas injection and extraction of soil gasification; recovery of free products (light or heavy insoluble phase liquid); biological treatment (injecting culture medium to accelerate the decomposition rate of pollutants); Pumping, dipping and chemical stability; soil layer monitoring and sampling. The ground road network is vertical and horizontal, and the underground facilities are staggered. The division of urban block functions has become an insurmountable obstacle for conventional engineering construction, and there is a strong demand for trenchless technology. The obstacles that may be traversed in municipal construction are: the existing underground municipal pipe network, subway network, highway network, underground space and underground facilities, buildings, rivers, cultural relics protection areas, etc. It is almost impossible to complete with the traditional construction method, and the trenchless method is duty-bound.



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