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2013 HDD Machine industry insight 04-China-Myanmar natural gas pipeline is fully connected

Publication Date: 2020-07-10

2013 HDD Machine industry insight 04-China-Myanmar natural gas pipeline is fully connected

Date: 20200710

On October 20, 2013, the China-Myanmar Natural Gas Pipeline was completed and put into production. Each year, 12 billion cubic meters of natural gas will benefit Myanmar and southwestern China, ending the history of the Yungui Plateau without pipeline natural gas. After commissioning, the China-Myanmar Gas Pipeline and the West-East Gas Transmission System will be connected together through the China-Guizhou Line

The gas sources can be dispatched and replaced with each other. At the same time, they have also communicated with the Xinjiang, Changqing and Sichuan gas areas, which has basically formed my country’s oil and gas pipeline grid. In the event of an emergency, the supply guarantee capability of multiple gas sources to downstream users will be further improved.

The China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline is the fourth largest energy import channel after the Central Asian oil and gas pipeline, the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline, and the offshore channel. Among China-Myanmar oil and gas pipelines, natural gas pipelines and crude oil pipelines in Myanmar are 793 kilometers and 771 kilometers respectively. After the two pipelines entered my country from Ruili, Yunnan, the crude oil pipeline passed through Guizhou and reached Chongqing with a length of 1,631 kilometers. The natural gas pipeline passed through Guizhou and reached Guangxi with a length of 1,727 kilometers. The China-Myanmar Oil and Gas Pipeline traverses or crosses 56 large and medium-sized rivers and 76 mountain tunnels. The terrain, geology and geological conditions along the route are complex. It is currently one of the most difficult projects in the history of pipeline construction in my country.


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