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2014 HDD Machine industry insight 02-Distribution of rig models and ages

Publication Date: 2020-07-30


2014 HDD Machine industry insight 02-Distribution of rig models and ages

Date: 20200730

In terms of the distribution of drilling rig models, among the newly added drilling rigs, there are 50 extra-large drilling rigs (returning force greater than 100t) (accounting for 2.4%), and 129 large-scale drilling rigs (returning force of 51-100t) (accounting for 6.3%). The number of large and extra-large drilling rigs has been significantly reduced compared to 276 in 2013.

The proportion also dropped from 10.7% to 8.7%; a total of 1216 medium-sized drilling rigs (returning force 26-50t), a slight decrease from 1,256 in 2013, but the proportion of the total number of newly-added rigs increased from 48.8%

To 59.5%; 650 small drilling rigs (with a drag force of less than 25t), 390 less than 1041 in 2013, and the proportion dropped from 40.5% to 31.8%.

From the perspective of the age of drilling rigs (service life), among the accumulated 14,538 drilling rigs, there are 3247 drilling rigs with an age of less than 2 years (coming into the market in 2013 and 2014), accounting for 22.4%; the age is between 3 and 5. There are 5,035 drilling rigs in the year, accounting for 34.6%; the number of drilling rigs aged 6-10 years is 4831, accounting for 33.2%; the drilling rigs aged more than 10 years are 1,425 (accounting for 9.8%).


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