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HDD Machine Exhibition 05-2020 No-Dig India

Publication Date: 2020-05-27

 HDD Machine Exhibition 05-2020 No-Dig India

Date: 20200527

HDD Machine Exhibition: No-Dig India

Exhibition industry: Trenchless

Holding period: once a year

Venue: India-New Delhi-India New Delhi Maidan Convention and Exhibition Center Pragati

Organizer: Indian Trenchless Association

Exhibition Introduction

The Indian International Trenchless Technology Exhibition, as an underground project, is the annual exhibition of the Indian Trenchless Association. In recent years, Trenchless has been concessioned by relevant units as a future project. India’s trenchless standardization process started as early as 2007, and the five most popular trenchless technologies have emerged in practice. In 2017, the first revision of four codes and the second revision of one code have been released. These codes are conducive to the application of standardized technology. In order to further promote this standardization process, IndSTT will hold the 2019 India International Trenchless Technology Exhibition.

Market analysis

India has approved an estimated 500 billion rupees as the first phase of funding to transform 21 target second-tier cities into smart cities. The time required is obvious. As of the 2011 national census, the urban population accounted for 31%, and these migrants accounted for 63% of the country ’s GDP. It is estimated that by 2030, 40% of the Indian population will be used for urban infrastructure construction.


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