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HDD Machine Exhibition 09-Wasser Berlin

Publication Date: 2020-06-05

HDD Machine Exhibition 09-Wasser Berlin

Date: 20200605

HDD Machine Exhibition:Wasser Berlin

Name: Wasser Berlin

Exhibition Date: March 00, 2021-March 00, 2021

The Berlin International Water and Wastewater Treatment Exhibition, also known as the Berlin Water Exhibition, was held every two years. It is held by the world-famous Berlin Exhibition Company, co-organized by the International Water Association of the German Water and Gas Industry Federation, and obtained the German Water and Natural Gas Technology. The strong support of the association dvgw is one of the largest trade fairs of water treatment technology and equipment in the world. And because the wasser berlin exhibition also held the “international natural gas exhibition” (gas berlin), so its comprehensive impact is even more profound. In terms of professional visitors, as a professional exhibition of European water industry with a long history of more than 40 years, wasser berlin has maintained a high level of professional visitors, of which 20% of professional visitors come from outside Germany and are distributed in 107 countries and regions around the world. . In the past 47 years, the wasser berlin Berlin Water Show has developed into a prestigious traditional exhibition. Its international water seminar, which began in 1963, has now become the top water summit in Europe. A total of 6,967 experts from 51 countries were attracted to participate in this summit, and 419 lecture papers were published. At the same time, the exhibition held a public show for the public to show the public about water-related technologies and technology lectures, attracting 10,000 people through interactive methods.

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